$25,000 USD Global Change Grants For Leaders 2024/2025

Incite Institute’s Global Change Program (GCP) awards $10,000 to $25,000 USD grants to leaders of community-based initiatives addressing some of the world’s most critical concerns. In addition to financing, grantees receive intellectual support from Incite and other Columbia University centers.

We are presently accepting applications for the Global Change Program grantee cohort 2024-2025.

Research and Global Change Description

The Global Change Program, established in 2023, is a grant initiative meant to help individuals throughout the world who are leading projects or campaigns that advance our goal by putting assembly at the heart of efforts to make society more just and equitable.

Climate change, education access, interstate warfare, public health problems, and data openness are just a few of the significant concerns that communities worldwide face. Incite’s Global Change Program assists activists, scholars, organizers, artists, and others working in communities most directly affected by such concerns. GCP assists leaders in these communities in leading initiatives that apply innovative, knowledge-based solutions—derived from academic research and/or personal or community experience—to a specific situation.

GCP recipients receive financial support ranging from $10,000 to $25,000.Furthermore, Incite promises to promote GCP projects through its own network of professors, researchers, and activists. Awardees will remain in the field during the award year while receiving intellectual assistance from Incite, such as facilitated cooperation with a center or institute of their choice at Columbia University.

In 2023, a GCP pilot grant sponsored Allison Benson-Hernandez of Re-Imagenemos, an initiative that is promoting the country’s first national-level discussion about inequality through a series of community forums across Colombia. Hundreds of people from various social origins and professional perspectives collaborated during these sessions to develop an agenda of community-led activities to address inequality. You may learn more about Allison’s GCP grant experience here.

Application Process

  • To send a proposal to the Global Change Program, click the button below. Click here to see a preview of the entire application. Only submissions submitted through Google Forms will be considered.


Who can apply for this program?

GCP welcomes activists, scholars, organizers, artists, and other leaders from around the world who have compelling suggestions for community-based change-making projects.

Do I apply as an individual or organization?

GCP funds individuals or small groups of people rather than organizations. An organizational affiliation is not required for the application. However, we acknowledge that the applicant and project stated in the application may be associated with the activities of an organization.

What can grant funds be used for?

Grant funding can be used to support initiatives relevant to the project mentioned in the submission. Initiative support may include, for example, personnel, space, materials, communication costs, and other expenses directly relevant to the project stated in the proposal.

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