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With the help of trip recommendations, travel information, and storymack.com, you will be well prepared to have a less challenging and more enjoyable travel experience. Scholarships and opportunities are available in Canada. Help people avoid becoming victims of fraud or travel mistakes. We built this trip website to give you with reliable instructions and insurance options.

We are the precise travel resource you require, providing dependable and accurate information. We have assisted over 100 people in immigrating to Canada over the past several years.

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We think that anything is possible, and transferring to or studying in Canada is a dream that we actively strive to achieve. With this as our primary goal, we provide accurate and trustworthy information and help to everyone seeking to grasp the aspirations of their Canadian lifestyles.

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We are committed to making your travel experience simple and stress-free, thus we base our basic price on:


We worked hard to compile dependable, accurate, and useful information that will assist you in planning your trip and making your stay in Canada more convenient.


To be a reliable and trustworthy source for all travel and immigration to the Canadian TIPS platform, we aim to ensure that you can get all you need on our website.


Our purpose is to provide factual information so that you can travel confidently. This manner, anyone who wishes to visit or come to Canada can do so without fear of fraud or being scared.